About Me

Hipster. Douchebag.

Hi. My name is Toby. You may know me as forvrin, which has been a name I've gone by in internet circles for half my life. I am a Theodsman in hold to Brian Smith, Alderman of White Marsh Theod, where I have the privilege to serve as his Weofodþegn and Heargweard. In my professional life, I work for a large international software company doing third tier support on one of their Cloud Services.

What I'm working on right now:

  • My professional life, which takes up about 60% of my total effort.
  • Serving my Theod as Weofodþegn
  • Writing here, infrequently (very infrequently, it would seem).
  • Writing daily on private projects, working to become a better essayist and poet.
  • Working on my penmanship. I post regularly to Instagram
  • I am working on my Master's Degree at the University of Washington's iSchool.

Things that I am interested in and would like to do more of if I had the time:

  • Music
  • Gaming

If you'd like to reach out to me, you can email me at toby at forvrin.com.