Spirituality is technique.

The story of the twentieth century in culture is one of tearing down structures. In art, literature, poetry, music, and law, old codes were cast down. Year by year, new cultural trends and new technologies enabled people to create things never before encountered. It was, and is, a great time to be alive.

Among the structures cast down, and cast out from the discourse of most of the world is the topic of religion. A millenia of religious homogenity had bred institutions and modes of thought that were as ossified and brittle as the relics once so carefully guarded and now embarrasedly coughed over and downplayed.

But all revolutions, including this one, suffer from the tyrany of excess. By removing the old structures, people have come to believe that they don't need structures. That structures themselves are somehow part of the problem, and not that some structures were in need of replacing.

Structure, rules, laws, and the like were designed to create a system that worked. In the destruction of the structure, we find individuals who thrive, but systems fail.

Structure is important. Structure defines, it creates a framework through which knowledge can be transferred and insight shared. The absence of structure isn't necessarily freedom, it can be anarchy. And in anarchical systems, only the strong survive.

Making the statement that you are spiritual but not religious is a leading indicator of a host of bad habits and poorly understood half truths. Typically, people who claim to be spiritual, but not religious are neither. Their spirituality is an almagamation of borrowed or copied ideas, poorly understood and incorrectly applied, coupled with a feel good philosophy that never quite accomplishes that which it sets out to do.

Spirituality is technique. Religion is a product. Saying that one is spiritual, but not religious is equivalent to saying that one is Free-Verse, not Poetry. Hopefully, this statement can help explain the nonsense inherent in the premise.

It is the illustion of lack of structure that leads so many people down this path. And the fact that they never get any further than here is a tragedy. There is a difference between lacking structure, and deliberately disregarding structure. When the structure is understood, it can be altered, changed, or disregarded altogether, depending on the goal of what you're trying to achieve.

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